The Atlantic Crossing According to Sam

A flying fish had a boxing fight with Adam last night, it nearly slapped itself into Adams’s face when it flew into the cockpit. So Dad punished it by eating it for breakfast. I didn’t have any because I was sad for the fish.
We haven’t seen many dolphins on this trip, which is surprising because on the last long trip we had we saw dolphins almost every day. Our best dolphin experience is when they all did backflips and stuff. Today we saw an awesome rainbow that looked like it was miles away and looked like it was centimeters away. It was strange, we didn’t find the pot of gold though.
I’ve learned how to knit which is very fun and I’m doing it almost every day, and Mum is making jewellery with me, sometimes. I’m knitting a scarf for Rosie, she is my Grandma’s Jack Russell and the nicest dog in the world. The scarf changes colour along the way, it goes purple, blue, red, blue, red, dark blue, red, yellow, red, blue, red, yellow. Me and Mum would like to learn a pearl stitch sometime, Mum thinks it is pretty important. All I’m here is for is the knitting.
We have eaten some fish, but I was sad when they caught fish, because they died. When they caught this beautiful big fish they made it dull and silver like all the other fish, they destroyed its colour. its name was “Yellow Steve”.
On board we’ve got Adam, and Irish guy who never says “Top of the morning to yer“. He came on the boat because he wanted a lift. Then there is Oscar my cousin (“Who is awesome” says Oscar), “Who is silly” say I, and whatever he’s whispering to me now is not true. There are very few benefits to having Oscar on board but quite a few drawbacks. He plays boring music all the time, speaks Yorkshire, and starts whispering in my ear when I’m trying to listen. And he whispers saying “my precious” with a claw!!!!!
Dad hasn’t watched a single movie so far, and that is very unusual. He has been sleeping, staying up late at night, and downloading grib files. Mum plays fun stuff with me and she doesn’t like the smell of Ham.
We’re going to the Caribbean and I’m not sure what it’s like because we haven’t been there before. When we get there we will probably see turtles, palm trees, blue bananas, and coral reefs. And hopefully not Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

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  1. Arthur

    Captain Jack Sparrah is safely in Australia at the mo (filming another P’s of the C movie. I know? In Australia filming a Caribbean movie. Mad world! And though I say safely, it seems he’s just been injured (odd for a pirate…) and so has flown home (no, not sailed The Black Pearl) to America for some rNr or RnR so he’s now closer to you than he was to me. On the way, can I suggest you stop at Tobago which is stunning and the Bahamas (Nassau)?

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