Grenada is a tropical island of volcanic origin, its temperature is around 80^F with a mountain range separating the north from the south. Boats like to anchor in Grenada for the hurricane season because it is very rare for any hurricanes to form down there.

Grenada is a small island that is 134 miles squared, it has a population of 106,000 and a GDP per capita of 7,890 US dollars.


mcr68art03sm_fig1Grenada was first inhabited by a peaceful tribe called the Arawaks. They had come from South America in their canoes and landed on a Grenadian beach. They lived peacefully for about five hundred years but then, disaster struck.

The Caribs invaded Grenada and easily won the fight against the peaceful Arawaks. The Caribs then killed all the men on the island taking the women and children for wives and slaves.

Then about two hundred years later Christopher Columbus sailed past Grenada but did not land on the island. Grenada wasn’t taken by Europeans until the seventeenth century.

The French then invaded Grenada taking it as easily as the Caribs did with the Arawaks. The French then set up plantations and slavery on the island in the late seventeenth century.

After that, in the early eighteenth century Great Britain, took over from France in the Fedon’s rebellion. Slavery was finally abolished in the 1830s. Grenada then became the capital of the British Windward islands fifty five years later. In 1974 Grenada won independence from Britain.


Then in 1983 Grenada was invaded by America stopping the communist leaning government; this government had been in power for four years. It had close ties with Cuba. They had been building lots of roads, schools and most importantly a huge airport. This is when Ronald Reagan thought that the airport could be a place that Russian military planes could land. It was too close to America so he invaded.


Grenada is called the island of spice because of it’s large quantities of nutmeg and other tropical spices. Unfortunately most of Grenada’s spice crop was destroyed in the hurricane known as Ivan in 2004.

Grenada makes a lot of its money through tourism. Especially on the south side where there are hotels, nice restaurants and beach resorts. One more thing, there is a five star hotel being built that looks like the most luxurious hotel ever. I would like to stay there when it is finished.


carnivalsm_569Grenada has a large festival that takes multiple days. Among the festivities is the pretty mas, it is where men and women dress up in colorful clothes and feathers to dance on the street (mostly inappropriate dances though!)

I have been in Grenada for five months now and I really like it here, I recommend for you to come here on holiday, or even to live here.