Day Out with Parrots

Today we went to an awesome park. When we first went in we saw loads of fish. When we got in to the main bit of the park we saw a MASSIVE cage. In side the cage where loads of parrots, there was a bottle full of cloudy liquid and some plastic cups. When I got a cup loads of the parrots landed on my arm and drank all the liquid!!!!!!!!!! We are not sure what was in the bottle but think it might have been sugar cane juice.


The next cool thing we saw was a humming bird, it hovered around and sucked the nectar out of the flowers. Around the next corner we saw a massive water fall and on top of it was a restaurant. THEN we saw some flamingoes looking for food.

When we got to the end of the park there was a place where we could meet the park goats, I became friends with the black goat.

Before we left we visited the parrots again. When we got back from the trip our friends had arrived and there was a dog on their boat.

What a cool day.

4 thoughts on “Day Out with Parrots

  1. Grandma

    Hi Sam,
    It looks as though the parrots like you. Did Mum get an underwater camera. I would love to see you watching the turtles! Perhaps you could do a blog on swimming under water. You were always good at that. Lol Grandma

  2. Lizzie Noyes

    Great Blog. You must be a real pirate now as you have a parrot. do you fly the jolly roger?

    volcanoes are great and spectacular. I have seen many steaming, but only one erupting and that was at a distance in Hawii. Lava is not generally dangerous, but pyroplastic flows are lethal. That is what got Pompeii and I think Montserrat as well. Thankfully you usually get a warning, like an explosion.

    Much love to all

    Auntie Lizzie

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