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Two days in Guangzhou China

When we started the plane ride we got a bag of goodies that we might need on the plane, like toothpaste, toothbrush, eye masks and ear-plugs. On the plane we had breakfast before we landed in China. The first thing we noticed about China was that it was very smoggy, because of all the cars and factories, because 19.4% of the people in the world (one in 5) live in China (we looked up the population and worked this out).

We could not work out what these animals were!

We could not work out what these animals were!

We went to the market and saw lots of animals, rabbits, dogs, terrapins, crabs, lizards, fishes, gerbils and mice, and they were all for sale. In the restaurants in China we saw on the menu crocodile, shark, abalone, beetles, eel, snake, live frogs and crabs!

We went to a bird park by going up in a cable car, there were white peacocks, normal peacocks, emu, parrots, orange ducks, pheasant, lots of doves, a seagull sitting on a roof fan. Then I watched a show about birds, there was a bird sliding down a slide, a bird hoisting a flag, a bird bowling, a bird tightrope walking, a bird cycling on a bicycle, going on roller skates, and riding on a scooter. And if you held up a note or money a bird will come and take it from you. There was a bird band and they were all parrots.

A Parrot sitting on my shoulder

This is a picture of me with one of the parrots on my shoulder.

In the orchid garden we went to a traditional Chinese Tea House where we had traditional Chinese tea. The toilets were a hole in the ground and the sink was rather strange. The part was decorated for the Chinese new year, and I went on a roller coaster and it was very fast and twisty.

There are lots of people in China and lots of people spit. Nothing is said in English. We went to a Bhuddist temple and monks lived there. They had smart phones!  Everyone was bowing and praying and lighting incense which stunk. We got around by taxi because we could not find the train stations.

After two days in China we went back to the airport to fly to New Zealand.