8. OSD Project

osd-map-samOsd ocean sampling day is a day when lots of people In the world will do a big thing for scientists. These are the things that help scientists understand more about the oceans. So we made a secchi disc and went out in the dingy to do our measurements but the secchi disc didn’t sink down so we put on a new weight and then it sank fine. We up loaded our results by using a special app and now they are on a blog where everyone can see them.

  1. Measure the  water to know how cold it is.
  2. Measure the air to know how cold it is.
  3. Find out how much microbes are in the water.
  4. And some other stuff that need kits for.

You can see my samples on the Sardinia part of the OSD map here: https://mb3is.megx.net/osd-app/samples