7. Environment

coral-bleachingEnvironmental changes

We are making so much pollution with cars and buses that oceans are being damaged and fish stocks are dying out.

Some of the changes include:

  • Coral bleaching
  • More storms
  • Species moving
  • Altered life styles
  • Rising sea levels
  • Acidic oceans

Over fishing
Over fishing is one of the greatest threats to fish.
80% of fisheries are either fully or over exploited
If people continue to fish this much then whole fish stocks will die out.

turtle-plastic turtle-and-plasticPollution
In the last 100 years there has been a great increase of human population.
So the amount of pollution has gone up as well.
Farming and industry often put chemicals in the sea.
There is an sea of plastic in the Pacific ocean that might be a thousand miles across.

mass-whale-stranding dead-snapperBeach deaths
Some times there loads of dead fish on some beaches like there were loads of snapper on a beach in New Zealand.
People don’t know weather the fish deaths are natural or man made.
Mass whale strandings may be caused by sonar, but scientists are not sure.

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  1. Heather Graves

    What a fantastic project, Sam.I really enjoyed reading it, and look forward to seeing the next one.You put up some wonderful pictures to illustrate it too.I was very intrigued by the island which floats away from a war; and also the part about the volcanos.You must really be enjoying your snorkelling expeditions , actually seeing everything under the water must be very exciting.
    Lots of love
    Heather xxx

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