6. Fresh Water

caspian-seaWhat is fresh water

All the water in the world is fresh water except for sea water.
Fresh water has little or no salt in it.
Fresh water is really important for the life of earth.


Where is most fresh water.
The most fresh water in the world is at the two poles.
The biggest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea.
The longest river in the world is the world is the Nile, which in length is 6,650 km.


Fresh water fish.
They are different from sea fish.
Euryhaline is the type of fish that lives in fresh water and salt water, like Eels and Salmon.


People living on fresh water.
The Uru people live on reed islands on a lake in Peru.
They make everything they have out of reeds.
If there is a war brewing then they make their island float away from the war.

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