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Oil Usage

Today I did a project to list the amount of oil used by each citizen per year in ten different countries, England, U.S.A, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Greece, India and Mozambique. I did it because it allows us to see which countries use how much oil.

Oil is one of the most important resources on the planet and it is in limited supply. Oil is used in many many things. For example, paint brushes, fishing lines, helmets, tablets, bank cards, toilet seats, flip flops, pillows, parachutes and computers. Some people say that lots of our recent wars are caused by oil arguments. What do you think?

Download the PDF file .

Oil is found under the ground in oil deposits. It is drilled with a very large drill that is hollow, so when they find the oil they pump it out through the hollow part of the drill.

Using too much oil is not good for the environment. It is better to have environmentally friendly energy. Like wind turbines and solar panels.

I was surprised by the results of our study because America uses over 18 million barrels of oil per day, which is almost twice as much as any other country in our study. I was also surprised NZ was the second on our chart.

Please everyone try and use environmental friendly energy, for the future good of our planet.