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4. People Under The Sea

free-dive-trainingFree diving
Free diving is about not having tanks or air.
The world record deepest free dive is 281m with fins.
The longest time under water was over 11 min.


Submarines are basically are big tanks of air.
They can go deeper than any divers.
Periscopes let them see above the surface.



drilling-machineminecraft-cityTunnels under the sea
The longest under water section is the Channel Tunnel connecting France and England.
Some of the Cornish mines go right under the sea.
Some people think there will be cities under the sea in the future.







hawaii-scuba-diving-16Self contained under water breathing apparatus
Scuba diving is a type of diving unlike free diving scuba diving you carry on your back a tank of air.
Divers that go to deep could get the bends.
If you get the bends you have to go in a special machine that takes away the bends, called a decompression chamber.

3. Marine Life

All marine life fits within these six classifications:

  • Bacteria
  • Protozoans
  • Chromists
  • Fungi
  • Plants
  • Animals

The animals group is made up of:

  • Mammals (Dolphin)
  • Fish (Clown fish)
  • Birds (Sea gull)
  • Invertebrates (Star fish)
  • Reptiles (Turtle)

dolphins clownfish seagull-flying crown_of_Thorns-jonhanson


Fish X-Rays
Viper-moray-xray-110613 xray1


Things we have found

Sea cucumber

Mystery Creature

We found this thing in Siracusa harbour and all it did was wave.

We have never been able to find out what it was.


Shrimp and Starfish

red-starfish2 shrimp2


2. Under water Volcanos


Under water volcanos happen where two plates meet under the sea.
For example the ring of fire and Iceland.

They are volcanos under the water.

Chimneys and life around
Chimneys are under water volcanos they create spires of rock.
They are some times called “black smokers”.bubbling-chimneys
Bacteria feeds on the chemicals coming out of the chimney.
And the bacteria supports other life forms like shrimps.
It can create ecosystems in the deep sea that would normally require sun light.

shrimponventWhy doesn’t the sea evaporate?
Some of the sea does evaporate but is always replaced by rivers and rain so the ocean soaks up the heat.

Is the brim of a volcano and then coral grows on the brim.

An atoll only happens in the tropics because coral only grows in the warm seas.

1. Deep Sea

In shallow water it isn’t very compressed, but in deep water it is so compressed it is like having ten elephants on your back.
The deeper you go the darker it gets, because the water above absorbs the light of the sun.
Also the deeper you go the colder it gets until you get to a certain depth where it stays the same cold temperature.

Man in bathysphere How to get there
To get there you might think is impossible but we have learned how to do it. The machine that is helping us to do it is called a submarine. A submarine is a big tank of air that protects humans from the water but if you want to go really deep you use a very strong submarine called a bathysphere.

James Cameron is a film director who recently went to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in a mini sub.

mini sub



Some animals in the deep sea are very strange, for example the Anglerfish has a light on its head to attract prey. There are more than just the Anglerfish, like the gulper eel and the Dragonfish .
All these strange creatures have evolved to the deep sea so well they couldn’t survive in shallow water.

angler-fish gulper-eel black-dragonfish elecro-jellyfish - Copy unknown-beast