Monthly Archives: March 2013

Canoe Trip

Today we went on a canoe trip, to go and see a giant sand dune. We had to row against the current and the wind on the way, and we got splashed a lot. On the way we found a tiny island and it was covered in cockles, so we got a few for dinner and we put them in the bottom of the canoe.

When we got up to where the giant sand dune was, the sand was very sticky and squidgy, so I ran around in circles and made a big trail of footprints so it looked like 10,000 people had stood there. We couldn’t go to the giant sand dune because it was a breeding pace for birds, but we still walked along the beach with the squelchy sand, and when the wind blew, all of the sand went along the ground and hurt our feet. When it got past you, you could see lines of sand blowing along in the wind.

We had lunch behind a sand dune and then we went back home. One the way back it was less splashy as we were going with the current, and hardly had to paddle at all.

When we got back we went for swim and drifted right round a catamaran and back to the beach.