Cool Games Spreadsheet

Today for school my Dad and I had a little play around with Google spreadsheets, the finished result is a colour coded, graph included, fun spreadsheet. We used lots of different formula and linked it up with some graphs.

I have ranked all the games I play based on how much I enjoy them, the graphics, difficulty, creativity and more. I really like the way that if you change something in the grid it changes everything to fit it.

Does anyone have any other ideas on how we could improve it? Enjoy!



Grenada is a tropical island of volcanic origin, its temperature is around 80^F with a mountain range separating the north from the south. Boats like to anchor in Grenada for the hurricane season because it is very rare for any hurricanes to form down there.

Grenada is a small island that is 134 miles squared, it has a population of 106,000 and a GDP per capita of 7,890 US dollars.


mcr68art03sm_fig1Grenada was first inhabited by a peaceful tribe called the Arawaks. They had come from South America in their canoes and landed on a Grenadian beach. They lived peacefully for about five hundred years but then, disaster struck.

The Caribs invaded Grenada and easily won the fight against the peaceful Arawaks. The Caribs then killed all the men on the island taking the women and children for wives and slaves.

Then about two hundred years later Christopher Columbus sailed past Grenada but did not land on the island. Grenada wasn’t taken by Europeans until the seventeenth century.

The French then invaded Grenada taking it as easily as the Caribs did with the Arawaks. The French then set up plantations and slavery on the island in the late seventeenth century.

After that, in the early eighteenth century Great Britain, took over from France in the Fedon’s rebellion. Slavery was finally abolished in the 1830s. Grenada then became the capital of the British Windward islands fifty five years later. In 1974 Grenada won independence from Britain.


Then in 1983 Grenada was invaded by America stopping the communist leaning government; this government had been in power for four years. It had close ties with Cuba. They had been building lots of roads, schools and most importantly a huge airport. This is when Ronald Reagan thought that the airport could be a place that Russian military planes could land. It was too close to America so he invaded.


Grenada is called the island of spice because of it’s large quantities of nutmeg and other tropical spices. Unfortunately most of Grenada’s spice crop was destroyed in the hurricane known as Ivan in 2004.

Grenada makes a lot of its money through tourism. Especially on the south side where there are hotels, nice restaurants and beach resorts. One more thing, there is a five star hotel being built that looks like the most luxurious hotel ever. I would like to stay there when it is finished.


carnivalsm_569Grenada has a large festival that takes multiple days. Among the festivities is the pretty mas, it is where men and women dress up in colorful clothes and feathers to dance on the street (mostly inappropriate dances though!)

I have been in Grenada for five months now and I really like it here, I recommend for you to come here on holiday, or even to live here.

Oil Usage

Today I did a project to list the amount of oil used by each citizen per year in ten different countries, England, U.S.A, Russia, Germany, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Switzerland, Greece, India and Mozambique. I did it because it allows us to see which countries use how much oil.

Oil is one of the most important resources on the planet and it is in limited supply. Oil is used in many many things. For example, paint brushes, fishing lines, helmets, tablets, bank cards, toilet seats, flip flops, pillows, parachutes and computers. Some people say that lots of our recent wars are caused by oil arguments. What do you think?

Download the PDF file .

Oil is found under the ground in oil deposits. It is drilled with a very large drill that is hollow, so when they find the oil they pump it out through the hollow part of the drill.

Using too much oil is not good for the environment. It is better to have environmentally friendly energy. Like wind turbines and solar panels.

I was surprised by the results of our study because America uses over 18 million barrels of oil per day, which is almost twice as much as any other country in our study. I was also surprised NZ was the second on our chart.

Please everyone try and use environmental friendly energy, for the future good of our planet.

Day Out with Parrots

Today we went to an awesome park. When we first went in we saw loads of fish. When we got in to the main bit of the park we saw a MASSIVE cage. In side the cage where loads of parrots, there was a bottle full of cloudy liquid and some plastic cups. When I got a cup loads of the parrots landed on my arm and drank all the liquid!!!!!!!!!! We are not sure what was in the bottle but think it might have been sugar cane juice.


The next cool thing we saw was a humming bird, it hovered around and sucked the nectar out of the flowers. Around the next corner we saw a massive water fall and on top of it was a restaurant. THEN we saw some flamingoes looking for food.

When we got to the end of the park there was a place where we could meet the park goats, I became friends with the black goat.

Before we left we visited the parrots again. When we got back from the trip our friends had arrived and there was a dog on their boat.

What a cool day.

The Atlantic Crossing According to Sam

A flying fish had a boxing fight with Adam last night, it nearly slapped itself into Adams’s face when it flew into the cockpit. So Dad punished it by eating it for breakfast. I didn’t have any because I was sad for the fish.
We haven’t seen many dolphins on this trip, which is surprising because on the last long trip we had we saw dolphins almost every day. Our best dolphin experience is when they all did backflips and stuff. Today we saw an awesome rainbow that looked like it was miles away and looked like it was centimeters away. It was strange, we didn’t find the pot of gold though.
I’ve learned how to knit which is very fun and I’m doing it almost every day, and Mum is making jewellery with me, sometimes. I’m knitting a scarf for Rosie, she is my Grandma’s Jack Russell and the nicest dog in the world. The scarf changes colour along the way, it goes purple, blue, red, blue, red, dark blue, red, yellow, red, blue, red, yellow. Me and Mum would like to learn a pearl stitch sometime, Mum thinks it is pretty important. All I’m here is for is the knitting.
We have eaten some fish, but I was sad when they caught fish, because they died. When they caught this beautiful big fish they made it dull and silver like all the other fish, they destroyed its colour. its name was “Yellow Steve”.
On board we’ve got Adam, and Irish guy who never says “Top of the morning to yer“. He came on the boat because he wanted a lift. Then there is Oscar my cousin (“Who is awesome” says Oscar), “Who is silly” say I, and whatever he’s whispering to me now is not true. There are very few benefits to having Oscar on board but quite a few drawbacks. He plays boring music all the time, speaks Yorkshire, and starts whispering in my ear when I’m trying to listen. And he whispers saying “my precious” with a claw!!!!!
Dad hasn’t watched a single movie so far, and that is very unusual. He has been sleeping, staying up late at night, and downloading grib files. Mum plays fun stuff with me and she doesn’t like the smell of Ham.
We’re going to the Caribbean and I’m not sure what it’s like because we haven’t been there before. When we get there we will probably see turtles, palm trees, blue bananas, and coral reefs. And hopefully not Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.

8. OSD Project

osd-map-samOsd ocean sampling day is a day when lots of people In the world will do a big thing for scientists. These are the things that help scientists understand more about the oceans. So we made a secchi disc and went out in the dingy to do our measurements but the secchi disc didn’t sink down so we put on a new weight and then it sank fine. We up loaded our results by using a special app and now they are on a blog where everyone can see them.

  1. Measure the  water to know how cold it is.
  2. Measure the air to know how cold it is.
  3. Find out how much microbes are in the water.
  4. And some other stuff that need kits for.

You can see my samples on the Sardinia part of the OSD map here:


7. Environment

coral-bleachingEnvironmental changes

We are making so much pollution with cars and buses that oceans are being damaged and fish stocks are dying out.

Some of the changes include:

  • Coral bleaching
  • More storms
  • Species moving
  • Altered life styles
  • Rising sea levels
  • Acidic oceans

Over fishing
Over fishing is one of the greatest threats to fish.
80% of fisheries are either fully or over exploited
If people continue to fish this much then whole fish stocks will die out.

turtle-plastic turtle-and-plasticPollution
In the last 100 years there has been a great increase of human population.
So the amount of pollution has gone up as well.
Farming and industry often put chemicals in the sea.
There is an sea of plastic in the Pacific ocean that might be a thousand miles across.

mass-whale-stranding dead-snapperBeach deaths
Some times there loads of dead fish on some beaches like there were loads of snapper on a beach in New Zealand.
People don’t know weather the fish deaths are natural or man made.
Mass whale strandings may be caused by sonar, but scientists are not sure.

6. Fresh Water

caspian-seaWhat is fresh water

All the water in the world is fresh water except for sea water.
Fresh water has little or no salt in it.
Fresh water is really important for the life of earth.


Where is most fresh water.
The most fresh water in the world is at the two poles.
The biggest lake in the world is the Caspian Sea.
The longest river in the world is the world is the Nile, which in length is 6,650 km.


Fresh water fish.
They are different from sea fish.
Euryhaline is the type of fish that lives in fresh water and salt water, like Eels and Salmon.


People living on fresh water.
The Uru people live on reed islands on a lake in Peru.
They make everything they have out of reeds.
If there is a war brewing then they make their island float away from the war.

eels  uros-people

5. Evolution under the sea

Evil-ution_Fish_Becomes_GatorEvolution started with fungi and lichen but the first creatures evolved in the sea.

Scientists now know from studying fossils that they evolved over millions and millions of years to walk on land and breathe air.

Human and land animals evolved from fish. The fish had fins and the fins evolved into feet and legs, and the gills evolved into the lungs, and this allowed them to live on land. So they were called tetropods which means they have four legs.

tetrapod_evoThe earliest type of ocean fish didn’t have jaws and didn’t survive very well, so they adapted to have jaws. The first fish to have jaws was a shark, soon almost all living fish had jaws the ones that didn’t evolve to have jaws became extinct.

Then all the fish swam up to the rivers and became the ancestors of our modern day fish (including the ocean fish).

Some fish continue to evolve like the salmon which changed their spawning time because of global warming.

Evolution is continuing even now and will continue for ever more.
Tiktaalik 1 resized blue-whale1